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Meet the Members of TXT!


Meet the Members of TXT!

Your next K-pop boy band obsession is almost ready to make its debut!

Big Hit Entertainment, the South Korean entertainment company that manages global superstars BTS, is gearing up to debut a brand new boy band, named TXT. Their name officially stands for Tomorrow X Together, and it’s pronounced “tomorrow by together.” 

Over the past few days, Big Hit has been slowly unveiling individual members of the group, right before the guys are set to make their debut together.

You can meet each of the guys below:

1. The first member of TXT to be introduced is Yeonjun!

Yeonjun’s cool personal introduction video set the tone for the group:

2. The second member to be unveiled is Soobin.

We’re wrecked over Soobin’s adorable intro video:

3. The third TXT member to make their debut is Huening Kai.

His introduction video is all about junk food snacks, so he already has captured our hearts:

4. The fourth member revealed in TXT is Taehyun!

Taehyn takes us on quite the mini adventure with his introduction video!

5. And the fifth member of the group is Beomgyu.

He really lets his energy and fun personality shine in his intro video clip!

Update: Big Hit has revealed the first full-group photo of TXT, which features all five band members posing in a black and white portrait.

Plus, our first video of the entire group together is here! We’re already so obsessed with their fun dance moves.

We can’t wait to see this group shine — and really get to know each of the guys’ signature styles and personalities.

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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