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WATCH-LIST: Here’s 8 Movies To See That Honor MLK’s Legacy


WATCH-LIST: Here’s 8 Movies To See That Honor MLK’s Legacy

Today we celebrate the leader of the Civil Rights Movement, who dedicated his life to activism & ending racism

Today, most schools and businesses are closed because it’s Martin Luther King Day, a national holiday that honors the man who devoted his life to the Civil Rights Movement, and stood for love and equality.

Here are some of our favorite quotes:

It’s so important not to treat today like just another day off. MLK’s legacy should inspire you to make a difference in your community, and use your voice any time you see injustice or ignorance around you. Your voice is powerful – and knowledge is powerful.

Here are 8 incredible films that you can watch today to gain knowledge and be inspired by MLK’s legacy.

1. “Hidden Figures” is the true story of the black female mathematicians who worked for NASA during the Space Race. It’s so inspiring and one of our absolute faves!

2. Ava DuVernay’s documentary, “13TH,” is a must-watch:

3. “The Butler” tells the story of a man who spent over three decades as a butler at the White House:

4. Ava Duvernay’s feature film “Selma” is available to watch on demand via several platforms:

5. There are also some full-length movies you can watch right on YouTube. Like “Freedom Riders,” which tells the story of civil rights activists who rode interstate buses down south to protest that the government was not enforcing desegregation there:

6. “The Murder of Emmett Till” tells us the heartbreaking story of Emmett, a 14-year-old African-American boy who was murdered for allegedly flirting with a white cashier. An all-white jury acquitted his killers, who later admitted to the murders:

7. “Our Friend, Martin” is an animated film about two friends who time travel & meet Dr. King at different times throughout his life:

8. And last but not least is “Ruby Bridges,” which tells the story of Ruby, an African-American girl, who helped integrate the all-white schools of New Orleans:

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