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Miss USA Takes On Pageant Stereotypes and Criticism


Miss USA Takes On Pageant Stereotypes and Criticism

Even beauty queens get bullied.

by Danielle Sinay

There is a lot of unfair stigma surrounding beauty pageants, and Miss USA Deshauna Barber isn’t having it anymore.

Deshauna, who is not only Miss USA, but a lieutenant in the United States Army Reserve, opened up about the unfair stereotypes contestants are so cruelly assigned, as well as the “harsh criticism” they so often endure.

“In pageantry, there are the stereotypes that women are airheads or that they’re not educated,” she explained to People. “By winning the Miss USA pageant, I was really able to show that a lot of women have so many backgrounds. We’re all so very unique and diverse so I’m so excited that I’m able to represent that, especially as a woman in the military.”

Deshauna has also been subjected to harassment because of her race, telling the magazine that she “was called tar and monkey and the N word. A lot of people thought I should be Miss Africa USA not Miss USA.”

But instead of focusing on the negative, she maintains an optimistic outlook.

“I try to stay as positive as possible and accept the fact that women — we come in all shapes, and sizes, and colors, and I’m glad I’m able to represent that,” she continued.

We think Deshauna makes the perfect Miss USA: she’s brave and beautiful – inside and out – and never ever lets the haters get to her! (PS: Neither should we.)

Thanks for bringing light to such important issues, Deshauna! We’re rooting for you!

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