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Celebrate #WorldSmileDay With Your Favorite Celebs!


Celebrate #WorldSmileDay With Your Favorite Celebs!

Say cheese!

Happy #WorldSmileDay! This much-needed holiday serves as the important reminder that everyone should smile – even celebs! So let’s celebrate World Smile Day grinning along with our favorite stars!

Simone Biles gets it!

Tegan and Sara took to Twitter to post this cute picture of the two of them wishing the Twittersphere a happy World Smile Day!

Former That’s So Raven star Raven Simone got into the #FlashbackFriday fun by posting a picture of herself for World Smile Day as well!

Shawn Mendes must have known today was World Smile Day because yesterday he tweeted this:

Not to mention, Shawn Mendes himself makes Justin Bieber smile!

Making Mr. Bieber smile’s a good reason to smile yourself, don’t you think?

Kylie Jenner’s smile is BEAUTIFUL. We love her signature no teeth smile, but we love this selfie with some teeth even more!

Iskra Lawrence looks OVERJOYED for the weekend. We love her sparkly boots and graphic tee, but mostly her smile!

In almost every Instagram picture Jacob Sartorius posts he is SMILING. His smile truly warms our heart <3 This kangaroo selfie Taylor Swift took may be incredibly dated (2015 to be exact), but it’s one of our favorites and both Taylor and the kangaroo as smiling. Perfect for #WorldSmileDay! Selena Gomez’s closed lip smile and perfect hair are just some of the reason’s she is a total STUNNER. Love you Selena! This red carpet smiling pic of Zendaya lights up our Friday even more than it already has been! She is BEAMING. Gigi Hadid may be smiling because Zayn is just centimeters from her face, but this raw no-make-up selfie makes us smile even more. R5’s subtle smile squad pic makes us wonder what they are thinking about in the picture.. pizza? Friendship? Whatever it is, they look happy! Grayson and Ethan Dolan look adorable and overjoyed in this artsy photograph. Our cover girl Skai Jackson is a queen showing off her stunning smile in her photoshoot this past summer! We love everyone’s smiles and love to see a smile on each and everyone’s faces ALL THE TIME! Show us YOUR gorgeous smiles by tweeting us with the hashtag #WorldSmileDay!

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