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#MomMondays: We Love Jojo’s Mom, JessaLynn Siwa!


#MomMondays: We Love Jojo’s Mom, JessaLynn Siwa!

See why we’re shining the spotlight on this mom today!


Jojo Siwa and her mom totally have each other’s backs and we’re here for it! Whenever Jojo puts her mom in her YouTube videos, which is pretty much all the time, their energy is contagious and they’re always having a blast!

Jojo’s mom is definitely her best friend.

Even fans notice that JessaLynne has her daughter’s back no matter what!

Even though Jojo gave her mom this awful makeover…LOL

So cute!

Even if they’re just chilling at the airport, Jojo and her mom are having fun!

Jojo is so lucky to have a mom as awesome as Jessalynn! We can’t wait to see more videos of these two on Jojo’s YouTube channel!

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