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#MondayMotivation: See How Lizzy Greene is Spending Her Day Off


#MondayMotivation: See How Lizzy Greene is Spending Her Day Off

The Nickelodeon star sure practices what she preaches!

In her #YSBnowGirlsOfSummer cover story, Lizzy Greene talked about the importance of giving back – and how it’s always been a huge part of her life.

And that’s exactly what she’s doing today, on a rare day off. 

Lizzy is spending the day visiting with patients at the Children’s Health in her home state of Texas. How inspiring is that?

“You’re so much more than how many likes you get or how many followers you have,” she tells us. “That’s not what’s most important. What’s most important is that you’re making a difference – because you’re going to be the change in this world.”

And you can be the change in this world, just like Lizzy. Visit to find opportunities in your area!

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