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#MondayMotivation: Will Jay Gets Real About Social Media


#MondayMotivation: Will Jay Gets Real About Social Media

The singer shares why we shouldn’t be measuring our self-worth with Instagram likes

Have you ever really wanted to post something exciting on your social media, but were ultimately worried you wouldn’t get a great reaction to it from your followers? It seems kind of bizarre if you think about it, but most of us know the feeling of holding back from posting a photo if we feared it wouldn’t get a lot of likes. Singer Will Jay knows the feeling, and his latest Instagram message is all about coming to terms with it while realizing what’s actually important.

“Self-love has always been a big issue for me. Even though my confidence has increased exponentially, I still look at this picture and my immediate thoughts are: I hate the wrinkles around my eyes when I smile. I hate having a baby face. I hate having to shave my unibrow. The list goes on,” he posted along with a new selfie. “I haven’t posted a picture in a couple weeks because I genuinely felt like I didn’t look good enough.”

Of course, it’s great to be inspired to be more body-positive and less self-critical, but it’s not always easy when you are literally putting your photos out there in the universe to get other people’s reactions to them.

“It feels silly to even type that but it’s especially hard not to be so critical on social media where our lives are always perfect & there’s a filter for what isn’t!” Will Jay continued. “We base a chunk of our self-worth on how many people decide to tap our picture twice. I’m guilty of even taking down pictures I really liked of myself because they didn’t get a certain amount of likes. Some of you might think that’s odd because I get a certain amount of likes but let me tell you: no number of likes will ever be enough if you don’t like yourself. I’m writing this only as a reminder to be kind to myself & I hope you do the same.??.”

That’s some great advice — and an important thought to consider if you ever find yourself feeling down because your posts aren’t going viral.

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