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Music Monday: Counting Down R5’s 7 Best Covers


Music Monday: Counting Down R5’s 7 Best Covers

Presenting YSBnow’s favorite covers from the past 7 years!

We absolutely love R5’s original music, but it’s always fun to see them perform covers of popular songs. And the reason why is because it never sounds like karaoke. Every time they take on another artist’s track, they bring their own unique talents and put the R5 touch on it.

Here are seven of our favorite covers from the past seven years!

7. We had to kick things off with one of the band’s earliest covers: “Party in the USA”

6. In 2014, R5 and special guests The Vamps performed this killer rendition of “Counting Stars” in London

5. If you remember Rydel stepping out from behind the keyboards to perform The Ting Tings’ “Shut Up & Let Me Go,” then you’ve been #R5Family for a long time!

4. There’s something so special about fetus R5 covering legendary rock band, Journey in 2009.

3. R5 was into The 1975 before they were a household name!

2. And their cover of 5SOS’ “She Looks So Perfect” is, well, perfect.

1. TIE! We couldn’t decide between their super fun take on “Best Day of My Life” or their super intense rendition of “Lean On.” So watch both and tell us which one you love most!

Did we miss any? Tweet us @ysbnow and let us know!

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