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#MusicMonday: 12 Of Your Fave Pop Songs Get The Rock Treatment


#MusicMonday: 12 Of Your Fave Pop Songs Get The Rock Treatment

From Hey Violet to Set It Off, you’ve gotta hear these must-watch covers

By Shannon Roberts

These rockers grabbed their guitars and covered our favorite pop hits, proving their fearlesness in testing the pop waters. Their creativity, versatility, and especially their open minds were put to the test when they took the lyrics of these beloved hits and transformed them with their unique spin. Get ready to freshen up your Spotify with these rock takes on your fave tunes!

1. We can’t even begin to tell you how deep our love for Hey Violet is:

2. Don’t keep your headphones to yourself when you hear All Time Low’s catchy Selena Gomez cover!

3. Teenage Dream? We can name four:

4. Whether you’re listening to punk or pop, ALWAYS love yourself.

5. There’s no problem with Set It Off, especially when they flawlessly sneak “No Scrubs” in here:

6. We wish this cover was playing everywhere:

7. Two awesome dudes tackle seven sizzlin’ songs in three epic minutes:

8. There are 1,975 things we love about this 1D cover:

9. We love seeing this band nail covers again and again:

10. Say “Hello” to Tyler Carter:

11. Fall Out Boy slays this cover – Don’t believe me? Just watch:

12. Trouble is the last word we’d choose to describe Cody’s fab T. Swift cover.

Which one was your fave? Tweet us @ysbnow!

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