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#YSBnowScope: See What This Week Holds In Store For You!


#YSBnowScope: See What This Week Holds In Store For You!

And Happy Birthday to cuties, Ethan & Grayson Dolan, who turn 17 on Friday

We’re SO close to Christmas break! See what’s up at school, at home, & with your crush.

Sagittarius – 11/22-12/21

Celeb Sags – Dolan Twins: December 16

Take your time & do things right the first time around. Don’t be influenced by people who try to pressure you into following a path you’re not cool with. Trust your intuition and all will be good! Plus, later this week, something awesome will happen at school! Your lucky day is Thursday.

Capricorn – 12/22-1/19

Celeb Cap – Dove Cameron: January 15

You’ve been wanting to try something new to get more involved at school and an opportunity is on the way. You have so much to offer, so don’t be shy and be sure to seize it! It’s the perfect way to end 2016 and get ready for a new year that’s gonna be EPIC! Your lucky day this week is Tuesday.

Aquarius – 1/20-2/18

Celeb Star Sign – Johnny Orlando: January 24

You’re always there to help a friend or classmate, but this week is crazy wrapping up finals and getting prepped for the holidays. So it’s TOTALLY okay to turn someone down. This time of year can be super hectic. While it’s good to keep an open mind and heart, it’s important not to overextend yourself! Your lucky day is: Friday.

Pisces – 2/19-3/20

Celeb Star Sign – Jordyn Jones: March 19

This week is the time to open up and share your story. You’re an incredible person who inspires others everywhere you go. Now’s your chance to do that when people need it most! Your lucky day is: Wednesday.

Aries – 3/21-4/19

Celeb Aries – Sofia Carson: April 10

Step up your strategy a notch and show everyone what you’re capable of doing. Commit to your plan and strive to reach your goals. You’ve GOT this! Your lucky day will be: Thursday.

Taurus – 4/20-5/20

Celeb Taurus – Gigi Hadid: April 23

Problems at home may be weighing heavy on your heart. Remember, you can’t always fix something you didn’t break. But you do have the ability to keep a positive attitude and help out where you’re needed. Even when you don’t feel like it, you are so loved and have so much to offer. Hang in there, stay strong, and this week will be better than last! Your lucky day is Saturday.

Gemini – 5/21-6/21

Celeb Gem – Troye Sivan: June 5

Just like Troye, you’re super sweet and sensitive. But don’t be too hard on yourself, especially around the holidays! You’re going to help a friend at school in a big way this week. And doing those extra chores around the house are not going unnoticed! Keep up the kindness and this holiday break will be the best one ever! Your lucky day is Sunday.

Cancer – 6/22-7/22

Celeb Star Sign – Ariana Grande: June 26

Just like Ariana, you sometimes have a tendency to be a hermit, which is totally cool. But break out of your shell a little and participate in holiday activities at school. You’ll be happy you did – and you might just meet a new crush as a result! Your lucky day is Friday.

Leo – 7/23-8/22

Celeb Leo – Olivia Holt: August 5


Some drama may unfold in your friend group this week. It’s cool if you try and help, but make sure your advice stays completely neutral. The good news? It’ll get cleared away in time for New Year’s and you’ll be able to ring in 2017 with your besties. Your lucky day is Thursday!

Virgo – 8/23-9/22

Celeb Virgo – Kelsea Ballerini: September 12

So you’ve been crushing on someone for like FOR-EV-ER, but you’ve got no idea where your crush stands. The good news? It’ll get cleared up in the next few weeks. The bad news? Your feelings not be reciprocated. The best news? You’ll finally have an answer and be able to move on – with or without them! Your lucky day is Saturday.

Libra – 9/23-10/22

Celeb Libra – Kira Kosarin: October 7

You’ve got big plans for 2017 and now’s the time to start gearing up! Yeah it’s fun to bundle up and binge watch Netflix over winter break, but it’s even cooler to snuggle into a good book that’ll both inspire and help make 2017 your best year yet! Your lucky day is Wednesday.

Scorpio – 10/23-11/21

Celeb Scorpio – Daya: October 24

A class project could lead to a new crush, but remember to pay as much attention to your schoolwork as you do to thinking about them! Get good grades on your finals and pre-holiday assignments and you’ll have all break to chill and check ’em out on social media. Your lucky day is: Friday.


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