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MUST-WATCH: Charlotte, Robbie & Hannah Will Seriously Inspire You!


MUST-WATCH: Charlotte, Robbie & Hannah Will Seriously Inspire You!

Each of their stories proves that you don’t have to be famous to make a difference

Now that Thanksgiving is upon us, you may be thinking about all of the things in your life you’re grateful for. You may even be dreaming up ways to give back in your community, or show love to others who can use a little cheering up. Luckily, there are so many ways – big and small! – for you to make a difference!

Inspiring us this season are three awesome kids who participated in Universal Parks & Resorts’ new Grow Bolder campaign, which is all about making an impact and being fearless. When you hear their awesome stories, you’ll be so inspired by their courageousness!

First up in the series is Charlotte Gould, a 10-year-old entrepreneur using her sewing talents to spread some joy to kids going through scary medical procedures. Through her project “Stitches by Charlotte,” she creates hand sewn dolls and donates them to kids awaiting surgeries.

Charlotte started this mission three years ago, because it’s a cause she can really relate to: when she was younger, she herself had medical procedures to repair a cleft palate. 

You can watch Charlotte’s story here:

Next up is Robbie Bond, an 11-year-old nature enthusiast who is making sure future generations of kids like him can appreciate his favorite national parks and monuments.

Last year, he started a non-profit called Kids Speak for Parks. Robbie travels the country to visit national parks and educate other kids about why they’re so important to preserve.

You can watch Robbie’s story here:

Then, there’s Hannah Jordan, a 17-year-old cyclist who hasn’t let her medical challenges stop her from dreaming about her Olympic aspirations.

Despite her struggle with a glucose deficiency disease, she worked hard and learned how to ride a bike, and now dreams of going pro with her cycling.

You can watch Hannah’s story here:

To find out how you can make a difference in your community, visit!

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