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MUST-WATCH: Our Top 7 #InMyFeelingsChallenge Vids!


MUST-WATCH: Our Top 7 #InMyFeelingsChallenge Vids!

From Daniella Perkins to Carson Lueders, these stars are slaying it!

You’ve probably seen the hashtag #InMyFeelingsChallenge around Twitter and Instagram the past couple of weeks, but did you know that some of your faves participated in the challenge?!

Tons of people made their own videos dancing to Drake’s new song “In My Feelings” but we’ve got three of our fave celebs’ videos for you to check out!

“Knight Squad” star Daniella Perkins did it with her sister/star of “Total Eclipse” Devenity Perkins:

Liza Koshy warned her fans NOT to try this at home! She TOTALLY SLAYED it:

Even grandmas are doing it!

This is definitely the most star-studded one we’ve seen!

Jayden Bartels is literally always #DanceGoals and this time is no different:

We would LOVE to join this squad!

And Serenity Reign Brown behind the wheel is EVERYTHING!

Tag us in your fave #InMyFeelingsChallenge vids on Instagram!

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