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#NewBooksNovember: Our Top 9 Reading Picks!


#NewBooksNovember: Our Top 9 Reading Picks!

These new YA books will make you want to stay out of the cold

by Molly Thomson

Reading is the best form of escapism. No matter how much snow may be accumulating outside or how rotten your day was, slipping into another world, another country, or at the very least, another family, is powerful and beautiful and a relief. 

Maybe you remember the first book that really awed you, the first book that you sat gingerly on your lap after you finished it and sat in silence for a moment, soaking in every word. Maybe it was “The Giver,” or “The Truth About Forever,” or “The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles.” (You should read all of those books.) 

New books are being published every day, and in 2016 alone, there have been a number that are worth reading. Here are nine new YA books we fully recommend:

1. “American Girls” by Alison Umminger

This acclaimed novel follows a 15-year-old who abandons her life at home to live with her half-sister in L.A. What follows is a beautiful, troubling, and thought-provoking journey of womanhood, society, and vulnerability in America. 

2. “Outrun the Moon” by Stacey Lee

Mercy is desperate to break free from the poverty she has known her entire life, and she thinks she’s found an escape with the elitist, privileged, and wealthy St. Clare’s School for Girls. Then an earthquake rocks San Francisco, and she finds herself in an unusual position. 

3. “The Lifeboat Clique” by Kathy Parks

This dark, insightful novel skillfully combines adolescent drama with a survival tale. Denver ends up swept out to sea with her worst enemy (and ex-best friend) and that isn’t the least of her problems. 

4. “The Square Root of Summer” by Harriet Reuter Hapgood

Gottie’s life isn’t going so well. Her grandfather died and the love of her life has broken her heart. Enter Thomas, her former best friend, who makes her realize she’s been seeing everything wrong, from her grief to the past to time itself. 

 5. “Enter Title Here” by Rahul Kanakia

Reshma would do anything to get into Stanford. Including write a book. Recognizing her own studious lifestyle, she forces herself to do “normal girl” things so that she can write about them–like getting a boyfriend. And a best friend. Yes, everything is going perfectly in her head; what actually pans out is much different. 

6. “If I Was Your Girl”  by Meredith Russo

18-year-old Andrea is beautiful and popular. But she used to be Andrew, and nobody knows. She can’t decide how much of the truth she owes those around her. 

7. “Map of Fates” by Maggie Hall

Avery’s life certainly takes a turn when she is told she’s an heiress to a secret society, her mother was taken hostage, and her love life is being scripted for her. 

 8. “Don’t Get Caught” by Kurt Dinan

Max thinks of himself as below-average in just about every respect. So when he gets an anonymous invitation to join a prank-pulling club, he says yes immediately. But it’s a set-up, which makes Max more than primed for war. 

9. “My Kind of Crazy” by Robin Reul

Hank can’t quite catch a break (he set the lawn on fire in his prom-posal), and broody Peyton blackmails him into friendship. But Peyton is quite who he appears. 

Snuggle into a crocheted blanket, pour yourself some cocoa, and read away. The weather has never been better. 

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