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Nia Sioux’s New Song Is Super Empowering


Nia Sioux’s New Song Is Super Empowering

We love “Winner”!

Nia Sioux released her new song, “Winner” this week and we’ve had it on replay ever since!

“This song is about keeping your head up through hard times and always believing in yourself,” she says. “I hope it inspires you.” The track’s music video features tons of familiar faces (like Teala Dunn, Kendall Vertes and Kalani Hilliker) and an incredible dance routine performed by Nia herself.

With lyrics like ‘I’m a winner no matter how many times I fall… and at the end I’ll be standing tall,’ the tune lifts us up and empowers boys and girls everywhere to chase their dreams.

To celebrate that message, Nia is asking her fans to upload a photo or video sharing proud moments of when they felt like winners using #NiaSiouxWinner. Here are some of the incredible responses she’s received thus far!  

1. “I feel like a winner when I help someone in need,” said @lollyziegs. “Promote tolerance of people with facial disabilities because they are just like us!”

2. “I want to be myself because it defines me more for who I am and who I want to be,” said @momo1cutie. “I would not want to be anyone else.”

3. “I was so excited when, after having to miss months of dance rehearsals due to being hospitalized, I was able to compete with my dance studio at Tahiti Fete,” said @prettylittlesickdancergirl about her winning moment.

4. @madkendall wins because she is a sporty superstar!

5. @claudiaimartinez is a winner because she “missed so much school from being in the hospital that [she] squeezed 2 months worth of med school into 3 weeks so [she wouldn’t] fall behind.” Amazing!

Thanks for starting this conversation, Nia. We are so grateful for you!

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