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Payton Admits His Fans Are Why He Released “Rich Boy”


Payton Admits His Fans Are Why He Released “Rich Boy”

How did a 60-second snippet of a song idea become one of Payton Moormeier’s most anticipated releases? Payton’s fans took matters into their own hands when they heard the chorus of one of his unreleased songs. “Rich Boy” quickly became a fan favorite, but Payton shrugged it off for a while. His fans stayed persistent, asking for the song on social media and sending in questions of its’ release during Payton’s interviews. “It actually blew up on TikTok, like as a trend,” Payton explains. After that, he got a call from his label encouraging him to release a full version.

Payton caught up with YSBnow to talk about how the track came to be, how he and his producer turned it into a full-length track, and whether or not he knows his 90s cartoons.


Watch Payton’s YSBnow cover story:


Watch Payton play our Finish The Lyric game:

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