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Payton Releases Feel-Good Video For “What I Need”


Payton Releases Feel-Good Video For “What I Need”

Fresh off of the Boys of Summer Tour, Payton Moormeier has just released his latest single “What I Need” along with a music video.

Inspired by real-life relationships and struggles, Payton’s music is consistently vulnerable and relatable. The “What I Need” music video compliments that refreshingly personal vibe.

The new track strays a bit from his previous angstier sound, but it fits him well. Last September, Payton showed off his edgier side in the “Hard To Breathe” music video, but his ability to be diverse in his music is what makes him an artist to watch. Maybe it’s Maybelline or maybe Payton can just pull off any sound or style, but one thing’s for sure. The huge smile on his face in this new music video looks good on him.

Watch the official music video for “What I Need” now:

The “What I Need” video was shot on and around the beach in Los Angeles, where Payton now calls home. The “Hard To Breathe” singer shared a behind-the-scenes photo with fans on his Instagram over the weekend but didn’t reveal what the shoot would be for. Just a few days later, he announced the music video was on the way.

Payton’s thriving in his new city, Los Angeles.

Payton’s been soaking up the sun since his big move to Los Angeles and “What I Need” isn’t the first music video he’s filmed there. Payton’s release earlier this summer, “Drive Away” might as well be a love letter to the City of Angels. The track includes references to Los Angeles’s 405 freeway and iconic Mulholland Drive, while the music video shows Payton hitting the road in his new city.

Watch the music video now:

Payton posted behind-the-scenes content from the “Drive Away” music video on his Instagram. The exclusive photos and videos show Payton filming the video with co-star Tati McQuay in a classic convertible.

The “Habits” singer seems to be adapting to his new LA lifestyle well, hitting the beach in Malibu and getting to the top of one of the many trendy hikes. We can’t personally recommend you follow Payton’s sartorial choice to wear jeans on a hike, but to be fair, he does look really cool.

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