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Payton Moormeier Answers Your Most Asked Questions


Payton Moormeier Answers Your Most Asked Questions

To celebrate the release of Payton’s must-hear new song “Nevermind” today, we had the singer answer your most burning questions! “Nevermind” is an upbeat and angsty track about a relationship gone wrong. Just like Payton’s previous hits, “Nevermind” is ridiculously relatable, perfect for any playlist, and leaves you wanting more new music from the social media superstar.

In our exclusive video, Payton spilled all about how he met his girlfriend, their relationship, and even some exciting music news! Payton says that he is touring over the summer, has new music on the way, and will probably be collaborating with other artists in the future.

Watch the Q&A now:

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Listen to Payton’s new song “Nevermind” now:

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