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Q&A: Young Designer Despina Kotsis Shares Her Secrets To Success

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Q&A: Young Designer Despina Kotsis Shares Her Secrets To Success

Since launching her own brand MINX New York, New York based designer Despina Kotsis has seen her work on celebs like Teen Wolf’s Cody Saintgnue and Jake T. Austin, just to name a few.

Despina is using her talent and ambition to make a name for herself in the fashion industry and now she’s sharing how she made it happen with YSBnow readers.

Check out our exclusive Q&A with the designer:

1. How did you start your own clothing line?

I started my own clothing line a year ago. It was always an idea idea in my head I just have never started. I tried many times using a sewing machine but had many difficulties using it. Despite the fact, I thought I have failed on my dream of starting my own clothing line, I have not given up. The year before I entered college as a freshman at St.Johns University, I couldn’t believe how quickly my life has already gone by and how I was going to start college. I realized that life really is short and we have the power to do anything, so I wanted to chase my dream of starting my own clothing line, MINX NEW YORK, right before I entered college and I did. I decided to start a streetwear line because I realized how popular it was becoming, but I wanted mine to be anything but basic. I know I had an awesome idea, and was honestly blessed because I realized how powerful of a tool social media is living in this generation. I started my own clothing line, and then used social media as a tool, especially Instagram. I started getting people recognizing my line around the world as well as celebrities, and I couldn’t believe my eyes!

2. What was the inspiration behind it?

My inspiration behind MINX NEW YORK is my magical city NEW YORK which I am from!  I absolutely love New York as well as it’s diversity and mix of cultures, and that’s really what MINX NEW YORK is. You can see the love of NYC  and mix of cultures all through the various designs and well as all my models.

3. What advice would you have for someone wanting to start their own line or brand?

Any advice I would have for someone to wanting to start their own line and brand  would be to follow your dreams because life really is short. I chose the pigeon as a symbol of MINX NEW YORK, to inspire other people to chase their dreams kind of like I am right now. Since pigeons are everywhere in New York, and we usually scare them for no reasons, despite the fact we are much bigger than them, the tiny little birds have the power to spread their wings and fly anywhere they want. I want people to realize that we are like the pigeon, and that we basically have our own set of wings, and if we spread them, we really are able to chase our dreams and able to live a life full of endless opportunities! I want this clothing line to send a positive message to my audience, not only just be a regular brand.

4. What’s next for you?

Currently I am in the process of designing a new collection which will be out in the fall! I don’t know what the future will be but I’m hoping it will be good! I’m really passionate about what I do and truly love this. I’m hoping before I graduate to get my line into some stores, but my ultimate wish would be to open my own store, starting in New York and then seeing it grow globally. That would be awesome!

Make sure to follow the brand @MINXNEWYORK and follow Despina at @deskotsis on Instagram.


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