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QUIZ: Could You Be Jacob’s “Last Text”?


QUIZ: Could You Be Jacob’s “Last Text”?

See how much you know about his latest music video!

We are literally OBSESSED with Jacob Sartorius’ latest music video, “Last Text.” Fun fact: We were staying at the same hotel where it was filmed & ran into the gang by the pool! The vid came out amazing and it’s really incredible to see Jacob growth’s as both an artist and musician.

And if “Last Text” is any indication of how great Jacob’s EP is gonna be, January 20 cannot come soon enough! While you’re waiting for The Last Text to drop on iTunes, why don’t you try this trivia quiz about the music video? 

Click here to take it & be sure to tag us in your scores on Twitter & Instagram! Also – give it about 5-10 seconds to load, because there are 40 photos in it! You may also wanna re-watch the music vid below for a refresher. Good luck!

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