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See 6 Celebs Who Love “Chasing Cameron” As Much As You Do!


See 6 Celebs Who Love “Chasing Cameron” As Much As You Do!

And find out which 5SOS band member preached his love over the weekend

If you’re like us, you binge watched Chasing Cameron the first day it hit Netflix. To be honest, we weren’t sure what to expect, but as the tears streamed down our face during Episode 1, we knew it was a very, very special show. Because it’s not about the fame; it’s about the guys – and they’re just like us. Hearing Aaron open up about the tragedies his family’s endured, watching Taylor talk about his humble roots and absent mom, viewers see the amazing hearts behind the social media superstars. Throughout the season, we watched Cameron battle crippling anxiety and struggling to find the balance in making his fans happy, but manage his mental health. Chasing Cameron is incredibly compelling, and we’re not the only ones who think so.

Check out the celebrities who’ve expressed their love for the show, too:

1. MagCon fans LOVED seeing original tour member Shawn Mendes express his support:

2. Over the weekend 5SOS’ Michael Clifford announced his love for the show-

And had some kind words for Cameron:

3. Emblem 3’s Wes Stromberg echoed Mikey’s sentiments, responding, “Bro I binged watched that last week.”

4. The Tide’s Drew Dirksen loves it, too!

5. Even Carpool Karaoke king, James Corden, gave Cameron a hand! LOL!

6. Tyler Oakley finished Season 1 in less than 24 hours!

We’re so happy for the show’s success and salute its stars for bravely sharing their stories.

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