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Reacting to Daya’s New Album Represented Through GIFs


Reacting to Daya’s New Album Represented Through GIFs

Listening to the full Sit Still, Look Pretty album has got us like…

Our girl Daya just released her full album, titled Sit Still, Look Pretty and we’re obsessed with it! All 14 tracks could be our daily empowerment inspiration. Plus Daya knows how to instantly boost your mood with very upbeat and catchy tunes!

Stream the album on Spotify now!

1. Dare. We’re already up on our feet dancing!

2. Legendary. So feelin’ this beat

3. I.C.Y.M.I. Oooo so much girl power!!!

4. Thirsty. We’re just like, “boy, bye!”

5. Love of My Life. We love a good slow jam

6. Hide Away. When you’re looking high and low and still cant find the good boys…

7. Cool. We want to cruise around, singing to this right now…with Justin Bieber

8. Sit Still, Look Pretty. YAASSS GIRL! Be a strong, independent woman!

9. Talk. Haters will hate, might as well give ‘em somethin’ to talk about!

10. U12. The lyrics give us all the feels

11. Words. The instrumentals got us like…

12. Back to Me. This gif explains it all

13. Got the Feeling. This is the new, “clean my room in my underwear” jam

14. We Are. When the chorus starts…

Let us know which song off the album is your fave! Tweet us @ysbnow!

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