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Real Talk: Bella Thorne Makes An Important Point About Privacy In Relationships


Real Talk: Bella Thorne Makes An Important Point About Privacy In Relationships

All girls should read what B had to say about whether or not her BF goes through her phone!

Bella Thorne is Seventeen‘s cover girl this month and while the whole interview is awesome, what she said about privacy in relationships really stood out. Nowadays, checking your boyfriend or girlfriend’s phone seems innocent enough, but it really can make for an unhealthy relationship. With all of the social media and texting, an innocent ‘hey’ can turn into a huge fight. Bella learned this the hard way.

“An ex of mine and I knew each other’s phone passwords, and he was constantly going through my phone,” she says. It’s easy to forget that jealousy is an unfortunate but common characteristic in both girls and guys and it’s something to look out for when you start dating.


“I learned not to do that because anything can be misread,” she explains. She’s right. Being in a relationship is great, but it’s super important not to forget about your platonic friends just because you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, especially if it’s your BF or GF who is telling you to forget about them! “The ex and I had a ‘Don’t talk to the opposite sex’ rule, so if a guy I was working with wrote me, it would be a big problem,” she says.

Imagine Bella and her The Duff co-star Robbie Amell, who has quickly become one of her BFFs since they’re working on another movie together, never sharing a funny text or making plans to meet up for coffee! You have a right to your own privacy even from your BF or GF, especially if you’re honestly just hanging out with a guy friend. There are so many celeb BFFs that are guys and girls who aren’t romantically involved and we’d hate to see them stop hanging out just because of their BF or GF.

Having a friend of the opposite sex is the same as having a friend of the same one. Bella and Gregg are constantly proving how adorable they are together, and Bella explains that they don’t need to check each other’s phones to trust one another. “Gregg has my password but he doesn’t go through my phone,” she admits. That’s why these two are our relationship goals.

Pick up Bella’s Seventeen cover on stands November 24th.

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