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5 Stars Who Struggle With Acne & How They Deal


5 Stars Who Struggle With Acne & How They Deal

Skin problems and pimples are a part of life – we promise!

Everybody – no matter who you are or where you’re from – deals with pimples and blemishes. It’s estimated that acne affects nearly 85% of people in the U.S. between the ages of 12-24.

And yes, that 85% includes some of your favorite stars.

Here are the stories of five celebs who used to be insecure about their skin, but now embrace their imperfections!

1. Lorde posted an Instagram story sharing her frustrating journey with acne and all of the useless advice people give her for it. Check it out:

2. In 2016, Bella Thorne opened up about her skin insecurities when she shared this makeup-free selfie. “Personally, I struggled with acne for a long time,” she wrote. “I used to cry every night because I thought I looked so ugly.”

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Good morning! #mynaturalbeauty I know us girls love to put on makeup, not only for fun but sometimes to hide our insecurities…well, here is a photo of me without ANY makeup on my face. I took this photo while arriving to set this morning. Personally, I struggled with acne for a long time. I used to cry every night because I thought I looked so ugly. I used to read comments about my face, my skin, my nose, my eyes, and even my beauty marks people didn't approve of. Putting makeup over acne makes it so much worse. I know lots of my friends also struggle with acne and it's something you can't control. I know lots of people think others with acne are " dirty" or "don't take care of themselves". That is false. My question to you is: Why should we be judged? Use #mynatrualbeauty & lets inspire every girl to be proud of what they look like and who they are. I love you guys. Oh and ps…If you don't accept me for my insecurities please get off my page 🙂 #mynaturalbeauty

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3. Camila Cabello revealed how her breakouts affected her self-esteem during Fifth Harmony’s first concert tour. “I literally sat in the bus crying because I felt so ugly,” she said. “I didn’t even want to look at myself in the mirror.” Noo!

Now, she pokes fun at her pimples and inspires fans to do the same.

4. Camila’s BF Shawn Mendes also opened up about his insecurities. “I don’t want to go outside when I have acne all over my face,” he said. “It bothers me sometimes. I have to keep reminding myself that everybody has these feelings.”

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Tryna be artsy #thatswaternotwinelol

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Shawn also revealed the secret to his now seemingly-flawless skin. “I have pimples, but if you look closely, there’s makeup on them,” he laughed. “I put it on there myself!”

5. And Shawn’s longtime pal Jack Johnson keeps no secrets from fans either. He’s always been open about his skincare struggles:

But, as always, he shared some great advice on Twitter:

So the next time you start to feel insecure about your skin, just remember that everyone deals with acne, even your favorite stars. But more importantly, always remember that YOU’RE SO BEAUTIFUL NOW!

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