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Ryan Ochoa Has a Brilliant Idea for an “iCarly” Spinoff Series


Ryan Ochoa Has a Brilliant Idea for an “iCarly” Spinoff Series

We need to see the return of Chuck Chambers.

Has a day gone by where we *weren’t* dreaming up all of the endless possibilities that could play out on screen if “iCarly” were ever to return to Nickelodeon? We doubt it. But it seems like the cast also has the beloved series on their mind as well! In fact, actor Ryan Ochoa (who played nefarious prankster Chuck Chambers) recently reunited with his former co-star Jerry Trainor (Spencer) while working on a new project, and it prompted him to share a great throwback pic.

“CHUCK & SPENCER MEET AGAIN! ?? After years of being sent away to boarding school, I found him. ???? His face shows you how much he missed me. ????,” Ryan captioned his hilarious photo. “I ran into this guy the other day on a studio lot, (well we talked from far away ??) but it felt like we were just working together not too long ago! When it has really been 8 years! ?? So thankful for all the people I have been able to work with over the years.” 

In addition to sharing his gratitude for the series, Ryan revealed that he has also dreamed up quite the brilliant “iCarly” spinoff idea that would feature his character and Jerry’s.

“Something BIG has also been on my mind since then and I don’t know if it is there for a reason…… ??
I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like if CHUCK & SPENCER came back for an epic REUNION!” Ryan posted. “?? What do you all think? Is this something that YOU would wanna see? ??
Could Spencer & Chuck ever be friends? ?? Would you be down @jerrytrainor? Let me know, I think I still have my squirt gun. ?????? #EpicSpinoff.”

This photo is just too much! Can we make a reunion spinoff actually happen?

In other great “iCarly” news, the show just recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary since first airing on TV. To mark this unbelievable occasion, actor Nathan Kress (Freddie) took to Twitter to thank fans for a decade of support.

The show means so much to so many people, and it’s wonderful to see the cast still sharing their memories all these years later.

Would you love to see the series come back in the form of a “Chuck & Spencer” spinoff? Let us know by tweeting us @ysbnow!

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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