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Sabrina Carpenter Just Shared An Awesome Skincare Tip


Sabrina Carpenter Just Shared An Awesome Skincare Tip

Here’s what the “Almost Love” singer uses!

Sabrina Carpenter is always interacting with her fans on Twitter and letting them in on her every day life. This week, one fan jokingly said that if she didn’t release the highly anticipated second part of Singular that she’d have to release her skincare routine. It was a pretty hilarious ultimatum, but Sabrina saw it and played along! 

Sabrina revealed what she uses on her skin via Twitter and even though it wasn’t the second part of her album that we’ve been DYING to hear, knowing how Sabrina keeps her skin glowing is a pretty good alternative. Check it out: 

The best tip we pulled from her routine is to always wear sunscreen! The sun can be super damaging to skin, even when you don’t think you’re being exposed to too much of it, so we’re glad Sabrina included it!

Now don’t mind us while we watch her music videos on repeat while we patiently wait for “Singular: Act Two” to drop.

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