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The “Andi Mack” Cast Shares Super Sweet B-Day Messages for Sofia!


The “Andi Mack” Cast Shares Super Sweet B-Day Messages for Sofia!

“Grateful for spending the last 3 years every day with you,” says Asher

Yesterday, actress, dancer, and all-around icon Sofia Wylie celebrated her 15th birthday, and her cast mates celebrated her with some super sweet social media shout-outs! 

Check ’em out:

1. Their characters may not have gotten off to the best start, but Luke and Sofia are really close in real life! Luke posted this pic:

And wrote, “Love you so much and miss u tons you’re one of the kindest souls I’ve ever met. Thanks for partaking in weird gifs and being a weirdo with me.” Aww, lol!

2. Lilan Bowden, who plays Bex, shared this pic:

“It’s been amazing to watch your grow more confident and strong over these past couple years but never lose your innate kindness,” she wrote. “Love you Sof!!”

3. Asher Angel captioned this pic, “Happy birthday @sofia_wylie I love you and miss you. Grateful for spending the last 3 years everyday with you.”

4. Emily Skinner is NOT like Amber in real life, LOL. She shared, “You are one of the most kindhearted people i know and you are such a light in my life.”

Emily continued, “You never fail to put a smile to my face. you are so talented and have such a bright future ahead of you. i hope u had an amazing day i love you so so much??”

5. Joshua Rush shared a bunch of pics on his Instagram story, including this one and wrote, “It’s this amazing girl’s birthday!”

“And I am so glad that I have her,” he continued. “Every day that I have been blessed to spend with her has been better than the last.”

“And every day has been so much fun! Whether it’s hanging out in Park City, or photo bombing my awesome pics, or literally slaying at everything she does, I’m so glad that I’ve found a friend for life.”

6. And last, but not least, is Peyton Elizabeth Lee, who wrote, “wishing the happiest of birthdays to this incredibly talented, beautiful girl. thank you for always being there for me.”

“I am constantly in awe of your limitless positivity and undying kindness. i couldn’t be happier to call you my cast mate and forever friend. love you lots!”

Aww! Happy birthday, Sofia! We love you!

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