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See 14 Reasons Why Jacob Deserves The Best B-Day Ever!


See 14 Reasons Why Jacob Deserves The Best B-Day Ever!

In honor of his 14th birthday, see the things we love about him

When he was 13 years old, Jacob Sartorius skyrocketed to superstardom via social media. And over the past several months, we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the REAL Jacob. We couldn’t be prouder of all he’s accomplished – and he’s truly one of our favorite stars to write about. Today, in honor of Jacob’s 14th birthday, we decided to round up 14 of our favorite things about him:

1. He’s hilarious and has an awesome sense of humor. When Jack Gilinsky ran into some trouble at the airport for accidentally stealing a sweatshirt, look what Jacob tweeted!

2. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and is always posting hilarious selfies, like this one!

3. He loves pizza as much as we do:

4. But he loves his fans more than ANYTHING:

5. On *his own* birthday, he gave his fans a present by releasing a new song, “All My Friends.”

6. Speaking of friends, he’s a great one:

7. And an awesome brother to his sister, Caroline:

8. He’s always making us smile:

9. And reminding us to stay positive:

10. He sees his fans as his friends, and shares the most personal things with them, like this video that brought tears to our eyes:

11. Thanks to him, we’ll never give up:

12. And we’ll always keep smiling:

13. So thank you Jacob, for sharing so much of your life with us every day:

14. And for letting us share your inspiring story. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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