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See The Inspiring Guy Who Went From Homeless Teen To Haute Designer!


See The Inspiring Guy Who Went From Homeless Teen To Haute Designer!

This 18-year-old Atlanta native is a fashion sensation

Jimelle Levon gained a lot of attention after posting a picture of his hand-sewn gown for his prom date. His dress, which he called, “Coming to America,” was a revelation. 

See, Levon has overcome incredibly difficult challenges starting from the time he was 10 years old and he and his mother found themselves homeless. They moved from shelter to shelter while they had no place to live. But instead of letting it destroy him, Jimelle let it inspire him to create and design a gown for senior prom. 


He told Fox 5 News, “I planned out what I wanted to do at prom and I said if I execute it right, like the [1988 hit] movie, it would be a viral sensation.” Jimelle’s prediction was right.

After he posted photos of his work on social media, the dress went viral. Since then, people are lining up for dresses, and Levon said he’s even had to turn people down! As a student studying fashion and business at Clark Atlanta, he does not currently have the time to fulfill everyone’s requests. 

Jimelle Levon has two fashion lines right now, “Jimelle Levon” is his line of beautiful gowns and prom dresses, while his more casual line is called “KoldKut”

What’s the next step for Levon? He says he wants to have his dresses mass produced and hopes that a celebrity might wear one of his gowns to an event in the near future. We see both happening!

Levon is an amazing emblem of strength and both his story and spirit help us remember that when we keep a positive attitude, channel our pain into passion, and dream big, ANYTHING is possible. 

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