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#YSBnowChow: We’re Trying Out Burger King’s Pancakes


#YSBnowChow: We’re Trying Out Burger King’s Pancakes

Pancake Power!

At YSBnow, we’re pretty much #PoweredByPancakes…

So when we heard that Burger King was introducing pancakes to their breakfast menu, we had to send our intern Shannon to stop by and see how they STACKED up (see what we did there?!)

(actual picture taken on Shannon’s iPhone)

Check it out: For just 89 cents you get three pancakes! Plus, they come in a cute package that’s super convenient when you’re on the go. Now, onto the taste:

These hotcakes are fresh off the griddle and have the fluffiness and flavor of a diner pancake. YAS!

Bonus for coffee drinkers: You can get your caffeine fix for a dollar cup o’joe!

Coffee and pancakes for less than $2? Now that’s a bargain breakfast!

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