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See Why Viola Davis’ Daughter Won’t Be a “Barbie Girl”


See Why Viola Davis’ Daughter Won’t Be a “Barbie Girl”

Because self-love is beautiful.

In a new interview with Essence, How To Get Away With Murder star Viola Davis revealed that she won’t allow her daughter to play with Barbie dolls because she doesn’t want her to put value in images that do not resemble her. She wants Genesis to love herself; she even has her recite a self-love mantra each evening.

While Mattel has taken a step in the right direction by working on creating new Barbies in all shapes and sizes, it could be a while before everyone feels represented by the dolls.

Davis lets her six-year-old, Genesis, play with small animals instead, so she will learn that external beauty is not what defines her. She wants Genesis’ “head and heart” to be the most valued parts of her body, and this is exactly what her daughter believes.

“Sharing my truths unapologetically helps connect us as women of color, as women, as people,” Davis explains. We should all follow her lead by actively working to love ourselves, and always remember, that we’re all so beautiful NOW! 


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