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14 Rowan Blanchard Gifs That You Should Have In Your Phone


14 Rowan Blanchard Gifs That You Should Have In Your Phone

For when your friend fails a test, for when you want to go to a party, and other important feelings.

It’s Rowan’s birthday and we’re celebrating with these 14 gifs that will totally come in hand in almost every common life situation. Forget explaining to your little brother that you don’t want to get up and get him a water bottle and just send this gif of Rowan instead. 

Here are our 14 Rowan gifs to get you through your day.

1. When you need everyone to know you’re feeling cool AF right now…it happens a lot.

2. When you and your BFF are totally on the same page!

3. When your little sibling asks you to get them something but they just texted you from the same room…so annoying.

4. When you really need to tell someone you want to dance this weekend!!

5. For those times you’re a little annoyed…(this one works best on Twitter)

6. When you’re just NOT SURE what your BFF is trying to say…

7. When someone says something kinda weird and random in the group chat and you just have no words…

8. When your BFF says “should we get ice cream this weekend?”

9. When your BFF fails her math test!!

10. When you need to yell SURPRISE!

11. When your BFF says “What should we watch this weekend?”

12. When you need to say “I’m listening…” to someone

13. The new “What are those” is this gif are Rowan saying “What is that?!?!”

14. When you’re feeling like the queen that you are!

Happy birthday, Rowan!

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