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Shay Mitchell Has A “Pretty Little Liars” Movie Idea


Shay Mitchell Has A “Pretty Little Liars” Movie Idea

Because we can’t accept that it’s the end of PLL.

The series finale of Pretty Little Liars airs tonight on Freeform and we just aren’t ready. Last week, YSBnow was invited to the opening of an exclusive PLL memoribilia exhibit and if you missed all of the excitement from that, you can check it out by clicking here! 

It isn’t only the fans who aren’t ready to see the show go, the cast is also sad to say goodbye to their characters. But Shay Mitchell has a pretty brilliant idea in case I. Marlene King and the rest of the cast and crew wanted to make a PLL movie!

On the People’s Choice Awards red carpet earlier this year, Shay revealed her idea to People’s Choice. “I think it would be fun if all of us girls were like, ‘Let’s go to Europe and shoot it.’ We could be chased by somebody there. We’ll have to see if it happens, but I would be a big fan of traveling somewhere to shoot,” Shay spills. 

OMG! That would be amazing! 

Are you sad to see the end of Pretty Little Liars? Would you watch the movie if they made it? Let us know on Twitter @YSBnow!

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