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Skai Jackson Helps Teach Students Why the Power of a Healthy Breakfast Is So Important


Skai Jackson Helps Teach Students Why the Power of a Healthy Breakfast Is So Important

The Disney Channel actress is giving back with No Kid Hungry.

Skai Jackson is part of a very important mission: The Bunk’d actress supports an organization called No Kid Hungry, which aims to combat childhood hunger. To spread the word, Skai recently visited a school in Los Angeles and spent time talking to teachers and students about why having a healthy breakfast to start off your day is crucial.

A new study, entitled “Hunger In Our Schools,” revealed that 42% of teens have said they worry about having enough food to eat in a day, which means it’s even harder to focus on schoolwork, after-school activities, or part-time jobs.

“It’s hard for me to focus if I’m hungry. When No Kid Hungry talked to teens my age, I learned that so many of them are struggling with hunger,” Skai shared. “Being a teen is hard. It’s evener harder when you’re hungry.”

“When I learned that 1 in 6 kids in the U.S. were hungry, I knew I wanted to help. No child or teen should wonder where their next meal will come from,” Skai has shared about her involvement in this important program. “I fell in love with No Kid Hungry and the work they do to connect kids all over the country with healthy food. No Kid Hungry also engages young people in their programming, which is really encouraging to me as a teen who wants to share my voice and make a difference.”

We’re so proud of Skai for using her platform to spread awareness and encourage her fans to get involved too.

For more from Skai, make sure to check out our cover story interview with her in the video player below.

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