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Sofia Wylie Gets Real About Social Media


Sofia Wylie Gets Real About Social Media

The “Andi Mack” star wants you to know that your number of Instagram followers doesn’t define you.

Sofia Wylie’s social media following has completely exploded since she first debuted on Disney Channel’s hit series “Andi Mack.” And while the actress loves using her platform to talk to fans and share her updates, she doesn’t want to let her Instagram follower count define her success as a person.

“I don’t obsess over my number of followers or how many likes or comments I get on a post. I see my friends and even my family getting crazy over it, and it makes my heart ache. That’s not what all of this is about,” she told InStyle in a new interview. “I want this following to let me connect with others and so that my voice can be heard louder. I don’t want to make myself feel horrible by looking at all these models or whoever I think is perfect and thinking that I’m not. It’s a horrible cycle, so I try to only go on social media to post something or respond to people.”

Instead of counting followers, Sofia wants to let her followers know that THEY count.

“My message is just to spread kindness and love and accept others for who they are in each and every way, so I try to connect that with whatever I post,” she shared. “The feedback that I get is so amazing. Adults will say, ‘You inspired my daughter to be who she is,’ or ‘You inspired my son to wear his hair curly.’  I wish I had that when I was younger. I had people telling me that my hair was beautiful, but I didn’t believe them. I needed someone onscreen who I could see. Someone who said that in a message that felt like it was directed towards me. I’m lucky that I get to be that for other kids out there.”

Sofia certainly is setting a wonderful example – and inspiring so many people! 

To learn even more about the fabulous “Andi Mack” actress, be sure to check out our exclusive cover story with her in the video player below.

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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