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#SoulFoodSunday: Forever In Your Mind


#SoulFoodSunday: Forever In Your Mind

10 times FIYM slayed the motivational game!

Alright fam it is Sunday so we know you are in need of some MAJOR motivation right about now! But guess what?! We know the perfect trio to get the job done. FIYM!!! We rounded up some of the most motivational and inspiring FIYM tweets EVVVVVER and compiled them all for you! So we wish you a very happy Sunday and hope you have a beautiful week ahead!  


No one is perfect, mistakes will be made but make sure to grow from them!

Awwwhh!!! The cutest<3 In case you forgot, Liam reminds you that YOU are awesome! How cute is he?! Remember to live everyday to the fullest filled with happiness and sunshine! All we need is a little positivity and a whole lot of love! “Being beautiful is being yourself. You have qualities and that’s what makes you beautiful.” Wellllllll, maybe don’t throw a pie in anyone’s face,LOL, but definitely take Emery’s advice about treating everyone with respect! “If you truly believe in what you want to do,there’s no holding you back.” RT!!! Emery KILLING the advice game. The best part about making mistakes is learning from them! Have a great week and remember you’re so beautiful now! <3

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