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#SoulFoodSunday: Start 2017 With Inspiration From Brenna!


#SoulFoodSunday: Start 2017 With Inspiration From Brenna!

The “Descendants” star’s Insta feed is full of amazing quotes

Whether it’s on social media or during an interview, we can always, always, always count on Brenna to dish out some serious inspo. What better way to start 2017 than with 13 words of wisdom from Brenna’s amazing IG feed? Check it out:


1. When she inspired us to seize the moment:

2. When she encouraged us to stay strong:

3. When she described the real meaning of beauty:

4. When she reminded us not to compare ourselves to others:

5. And always stay true to ourselves:

6. When she helped us remember that some people’s behavior has nothing to do with us:

7. And reminded us that life is short:

8. And happiness is a choice:

9. Brenna shared that kindness is everything:

9. And quoted our fave author, Dr. Seuss:

10. She dropped these awesome life tips:

11. And told us to never stop believin:

12. Because life is all about self-acceptance:

13. And we are stronger than we know!

Happy 2017, #YSBnowFam! You’re So Beautiful Now!

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