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Stars Are Celebrating International Women’s Day With Messages of Empowerment


Stars Are Celebrating International Women’s Day With Messages of Empowerment

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International Women’s Day is important for a lot of reasons. In the year of the #MeToo movement and our current political climate, it’s essential that we take the time to recognize not only that women are important but why women are important. We use this day to identify some of our female heroes, to spotlight great contributions women have made to all industries, and to appreciate the women in our lives who make our worlds a better place. 

On this International Women’s Day, we’re excited that so many of our favorite celebrities are discussing this important day and sharing their thoughts with their fans. Here are some of our favorite tweets about Women’s Day from stars (both women and men) who are using the day to reflect and appreciate. 

Brenna D’Amico of the “Descendants” trilogy used all the right emojis in her tweet.

Gina Rodriguez posted a photo of just some of the talented and hard-working women who make “Jane The Virgin” the show it is:

Noah Cyrus is using International Women’s Day to spread more awareness about something else important: gun control. She tweeted about Parkland shooting survivor Emma Gonzalez.

Celebrating the women in our families is a great way to spend the day. Vanessa Marano posted this photo with her sister Laura:

Luna Blaise posted these words of why women are so freaking cool, and she’s right!

Andrea Russett knows that the future IS female!

YouTuber Shane Dawson is recognizing the important women who made him who he is today:

So is Steffan Argus, who posted photos celebrating his sisters, his beautiful mom, and some of his best female friends:

Kat McNamara posted this beautiful fan art of some of the badass female characters on her show, “Shadowhunters” on Freeform.

Chadwick Boseman, who is the star of Marvel’s latest smash hit (and important film in many ways!) “Black Panther” posted this inspiring quote:

Disney’s official Twitter account posted photos of some of its most powerful leading ladies:

Who are you celebrating today? Let us know about some of the women you look up to the most!

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