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Camilla Cabello Shares Why “Perfect Is Boring”


Camilla Cabello Shares Why “Perfect Is Boring”

“I don’t like when things just get so focused on being pretty for girls my age,” the singer says.

There’s this popular saying that goes, “the grass is always greener on the other side.” It means that it can frequently feel like whatever someone else has is better than what you have, but you may just be too close to see it. And it happens a lot when it comes to beauty, as well. If you have curly hair, you may have spent forever wishing your hair would straighten out. Or if you have blue eyes, you may have dreamed about having darker eyes like your BFF. Singer Camilla Cabello shares that she too has felt like she needed to look a different way to be beautiful. 

“There was a period when I really wanted light eyes,” the star told Glamour in a new interview. “It was only as I got older that I was like, ‘I like my brown eyes, I like my black hair, I like my skin. I don’t need to be blond and blue-eyed. I don’t like when things just get so focused on being pretty for girls my age: ‘Oh, she’s so pretty, and this is so pretty, why can’t I be pretty like her?’ You don’t get to improve yourself or your life when you’re just thinking about looks, looks, looks, looks. Social media is a huge part of that because you’re constantly seeing these unrealistic images of girls. I think it’s so important to be silly and fun and to be able to post a picture without makeup, because that’s normal. With me just starting my solo career, I can present myself the way that I want to.”

Of course, realizing your own true beauty is a process, and sometimes you can’t help but compare yourself to others about. Luckily, Camila has some advice.

“There are still things I’m insecure about, like my crooked teeth, but I think part of beauty is accepting imperfection,” she shared. “The more I meet people and see the world, the more I realize it’s those little quirks—a birthmark, a crooked tooth, a scar—that makes you you. As they say with art: Perfect is boring.”

We love that! After all, the things that make you special are the things that make you beautiful – so it’s wonderful Camila’s inspiring us all to embrace those “quirks.”

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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