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“Supergirl” Introduces New LGBTQ Character


“Supergirl” Introduces New LGBTQ Character

And a brand-new relationship for all of us to fangirl over.

It has already been confirmed by DC that Wonder Woman is queerbut could there be another LGBTQ relationship in the DC universe? 

Enter Alex and Maggie. 

On the latest episode of Supergirl, Alex and Maggie (played by Chyler Leigh and Floriana Lima), had a conversation that had us thinking… Could these two be into each other? 

Maggie is known in the DC Comics for having a relationship with Batwoman aka Kate Kane (who had previously been in a relationship with a man before she came out). Considering how heavily Maggie flirted with Maxwell Lord in Season 1, we don’t know yet if she is bisexual or still in the closet. However, the inclusion of her character is a great start for LGBTQ representation on television and the relationship between Alex and Maggie would be icing on the rainbow cake. 

Fans of Supergirl have been begging for a LGBTQ relationship before the show even started. While their wish wasn’t granted in Season 1, fans kept at it. Executive producer, Greg Berlanti, recently teased that a certain character in the Arrow-verse (the interconnected universe between all of the CW’s superhero shows, including Supergirl!) would be “exploring their sexuality” but failed to mention which show. Safe to say, our bets are placed on Alex! 

We are so excited to see how this plays out! Make sure you tune in to Supergirl every Monday at 8|7c! 

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