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The 10 Items You Need To Dress Like Mackenzie Ziegler


The 10 Items You Need To Dress Like Mackenzie Ziegler

Upgrade your closet, Kenzie style!


Mackenzie is super stylish and trendy, so who wouldn’t want to add a little Kenzie to their closet?! Here are 10 pieces you can get to upgrade your wardrobe, Ziegler style!

1. A dark green hat. Perfect for running errands or just hanging with friends and it adds a super cute touch to any plain outfit!

2. This striped dress will be your new go-to outfit on a day where you just can’t pick something to wear. It’s a full outfit in one and it’s super cute – and comfy!

3. A plain white tee with a cute colored collar line can be worn a ton of ways. Here, Mackenzie tied it up with her blue jeans to give it a girlier look than just wearing it down. Grab yourself a cute white tee and play around!

4. A black tank and converse are a MUST for any Mackenzie closet. So casual, cute, and comfy!

5. Grab a bag that you can throw over your shoulder and not worry about! Mackenzie’s is so cute and it looks amazing with her dress!

6. Black leggings are a must for Mackenzie, but even if you don’t dance, you can wear them around the house or to do your own form of exercise!

7. Grab a flannel to wear over your denim shorts and tank, or tie around your waist like Kenzie did here!

8. Now that it’s cold out, grab a dark green cozy sweater to wear while grabbing some ice cream!

9. If we hadn’t already said it, denim shorts are a MUST.

10. Last but not least, ALWAYS wear a smile. Mackenzie is always happy and she puts everyone else in a good mood, and that’s the most stylish thing you could have on.

Do you love Mackenzie’s style? Who else do you want style tips from?

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