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10 Times Carson Lueders Showed How Much He Loves His Fans


10 Times Carson Lueders Showed How Much He Loves His Fans

On stage, in person, and on social media, Carson loves you guys just as much as you love him!

We’ve known Carson Lueders for years now and we’ve seen him grow up, but if there’s one thing that has definitely stayed the same, it’s how much he loves and understands his fans. 

From even when there were just a few fans after his first appearance on The View to now that he has millions of followers and is performing all over the world, he has ALWAYS made it clear how much he loves you guys. 


1. It all started back when he did Fan Mail Vlogs on his YouTube channel in 2013. Watch the first one:

2. He kept it going through 2014 and they only got sweeter:

3. He hasn’t done one since 2015, but it really showed us how much Carson cares about his fans. So these three reasons are just the start. Check out the other 7 reasons Carson is good to his fans.

4. Every time he uses the hashtag #FanFavoriteFriday to show love to his fans, like in this pic at his show!

5. When he took this pic with fans and reposted it from the RDMA’s.

6. When he hit the road on the Boys of Summer Tour and met all of you amazing fans.

7. When he performed for fans at VidCon on the stage!

8. When he gave us this cover of Rihanna that totally made our day and proved he is always working to give you guys more content.

9. He always stops for fans at places like The Grove or out and about in LA.

10. He knows how important fans are to him and he is always thinking about you guys.

Bonus reason – he’s always there for his biggest fan of all. Carson’s mom, Diane, is the sweetest and most supportive mom in the world and we LOVE hanging out with these two whenever we get the chance.

We love you, Carson! Now you guys tell us! Why do you love Carson? Tweet us @YSBnow!

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