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These Celebs Are Obsessed With Fidget Spinners


These Celebs Are Obsessed With Fidget Spinners

Have you jumped on this hot new trend yet?

Fidget spinners are the hot new thing and it seems like literally everyone is obsessed with them! From the guys of BTS to Johnny Orlando, some of our favorite celebs can’t put down their fidget spinners! 

Here’s what we mean: 

BTS brought their fidget spinners to an interview!

Lohanthy is more calm than ever now that he has the right tunes and his fidget spinner!

Christian Leave can’t put his down!

Trevor Moran had the brilliant idea of designer fidget spinners.

Johnny Orlando says “Fidget spinner all day every day” – SAME.

Matty B uploaded a video unboxing his new fidget spinner!

And Jack Avery from Why Don’t We is also obsessed!

Do you have a fidget spinner? Let us know on Twitter @YSBnow!

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