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This “Descendants 2” Fan Art Will Get You So Hyped for the Movie


This “Descendants 2” Fan Art Will Get You So Hyped for the Movie

These 9 illustrations are beyond epic!

Can’t wait for the upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie, Descendants 2? Yeah, neither can we. As the days draw closer for the film’s big July 21 premiere, we can barely contain our excitement…which is why we’re dedicating our latest feature to the incredible D2 fan art we’ve discovered. We are blown away by the many different styles that talented artists have used to re-imagine our favorite characters, and introduce us to the new villains we are about to see in this movie.

We’re especially excited to see Uma and Mal face off in Descendants 2 and @girlmeetsdrawing’s side-by-side work makes the villains look extra fierce.

@andresmendozan’s beautiful drawing of Uma is so incredible and lifelike that actress China Anne McClain reposted it on her Instagram account.

How incredible is @savaemaz’s glowing Mal illustration?!

@keylebcortez77’s cartoonified edition of the VKs in the “Ways To Be Wicked” music video is epic.

@beccasartsycorner painted the Core 4 using nail polish!

Illustrator @katidoodlesmuch captured the newest villains Gil, Uma, and Harry perfectly! Pirate squad for life.

We love how @sohariaabasi painted the villains’ evil logos.

And @hilarybizarre_graphic’s Uma artwork is so cool!

We are really looking forward to seeing even more artist interpretations after the movie is officially out!

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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