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This North Carolina High School Crowned a Transgender Homecoming Queen!


This North Carolina High School Crowned a Transgender Homecoming Queen!

“Trans people exist and we are people.”

By: Emily J

Tucked in rural North Carolina, Overhills High School made history over the weekend. Not by breaking football records, but by giving Selena Milan, an openly transgender teen, the homecoming crown. In a state notorious for its anti-transgender laws, Selena’s victory gives us hope. “This is a military-based town so it’s not always the most welcoming for trans people,” Selena tells TransCafe. “But that hasn’t stopped me from being myself.”

Since coming out during her freshman year, Selena has taken major steps to educate her school about the transgender community. “Trans people exist and we are people,” she says. “We are not recognized enough. They just think the typical Jerry Springer story—they think negative things. We are more than those stereotypes.”

By winning the crown with the popular vote, Selena is confident that this is only the beginning. She hopes that other trans teens, especially those in small towns, will be encouraged by her crown. “Someone at my school came up to me and came out as a trans man,” she says. “He said that what I did was really going to open up doors.”  It absolutely will. Selena Milan, You’re So Beautiful Now!

Transgender people can contact the following resources:

Cover Photo provided by: Dakota Vickers

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