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#TotallyCuteTuesday: 12 Reasons Why We’re Crushing on Alex Angelo


#TotallyCuteTuesday: 12 Reasons Why We’re Crushing on Alex Angelo

Plus, a killer throwback vid of Alex & Jake Miller discussing their love of sauces!

When we first saw Alex hit the stage on tour with Jake Miller back in 2015, we knew he was seriously special. His high-energy performance commands the crowd and Alex makes it seem effortless! See 12 reasons why we chose Alex for this week’s #TotallyCuteTuesday column.

1. He can do EVERYTHING! We’ve been bumpin’ “Stay Like This” all week – did you know he wrote and produced it?!

2. He’s always got a fresh cut:

3. He loves keeping in touch with his fans aka the Fangelos:

4. And even buys them Starbucks gift cards!

5. Do you know anyone who had their own nationally-syndicated radio show at the age of 13?!

6. He values his education, and no matter how busy he is, always makes time for schoolwork:

7. That Smile! Look how happy he is onstage:

8. We’ll NEVER get over his dance moves:

9. He loves his family:

10. And is an awesome big bro to Izzy:

11. His #TBTs are legendary:

12. Seriously, we can’t handle the cuteness:

Alex has worked so hard to get to where he is, and like Jake Miller said, if he’s accomplished all this at just 16, can you imagine where he’ll be a few years from now? Go Alex!

BONUS VID: Watch Jake & Alex talk fave sauces below!

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