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#TotallyCuteTuesday: Hunter Rowland


#TotallyCuteTuesday: Hunter Rowland

See 11 reasons why we’re crushing on this cutie!

It’s crazy to think that Hunter Rowland just started on social media a little over a year ago. Tonight, he and his younger brothers are kicking off the east coast leg of the #TeamRowland tour! Here’s all the reasons why we’re loving Hunter.


1. Can we talk about his smile?

2. His tweets are 100% relatable:

3. He loves his fans SO MUCH!

4. And always shares the sweetest messages about how much you’ve helped him:

5. He also shares so much of himself and it’s really inspiring. This vid brought tears to our eyes!

6. He’s an animal lover:

7. He loves his mom and brothers so much!

8. And loves meeting you guys on the road:

9. Three words – Snapchat. Puppy. Filter.

10. He’s a really good friend – he posted this pic on Jacob Sartorius’ bday, with the caption, “you’re like my little brother and I hope you’re having an amazing day dude.” Aww!

11. Hunter really knows what’s important – and wants you to know, You’re So Beautiful Now!

Be sure to catch Hunter, Brandon & Ashton on their tour! See the dates below – maybe we’ll see you there!

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