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#TotallyCuteTuesday: Watch Carson Lueders’ “Bae Back” Music Vid!


#TotallyCuteTuesday: Watch Carson Lueders’ “Bae Back” Music Vid!

And see 8 reasons why we’re crushing on him

Carson just dropped a new music video and it’s FIRE:

Aside from dropping the most epic music videos, here are 8 reasons why we adore Carson:

1. He LOVES his fans aka #Luedizers:

2. He also loves his siblings:

3. And his mom!

4. He posts the best throwbacks:

5. And is an amazing guitar player:

6. He plays piano, too!

7. His voice is just amazing:

8. And he’s a huge animal lover, especially of dogs!

If you needed any more reasons to love Carson, just watch his YSBnow cover story and get inspired:

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