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#TourTuesday: Why Daya and Frankie Are A Match Made In Girl Power Heaven


#TourTuesday: Why Daya and Frankie Are A Match Made In Girl Power Heaven

Do you have tickets for the “Sit Still, Look Pretty” tour yet?

Besides the fact that they both only go by one name, Daya and Frankie are both iconic for a lot of reasons. First and most obviously, they give us songs that are major bops, but they also have style and girl power for days. 

We’ve been excited for Daya’s debut headlining tour ever since she announced it a few months ago, but after hearing that she’ll be taking Frankie on the road with her, we’re pretty much counting down the days until we can see these two musical queens slay us on stage. 



Obviously you guys are familiar with Daya, queen of music right now. If you’re not, you’ll know who she is after watching this vid.

Or maybe you know and love her from her number one hit song of 2016, “Don’t Let Me Down” with the Chainsmokers. We think you may have heard it once or twice.

And we can pretty much confirm that if you’re seeing Daya in concert, you’re in for an awesome show. We got to catch her on Jack & Jack’s tour last year in Philadelphia and she was incredible live! Here’s a quick clip:

Her choice to bring up and comer Frankie was one of the best musical pairings we could ever think of, since both of these ladies bring the girl power, the hit songs, and the ENERGY. If you’re not familiar with Frankie yet, GET FAMILIAR.

Here’s the video for her hit song “New Obsession” which, will be your, you guessed it, new obsession. (Sorry Frankie – how many times have you heard that one?!)

She slowed things down and gave us chills with her latest hit, a song about capturing moments and spending them with people you love, which is obviously something we can really get behind.

Frankie really brings it on stage, as you can tell from this clip of her performing on Troye Sivan’s Suburbia Tour last year!

If you’re already obsessed with her, here’s more Frankie for you.

The Sit Still, Look Pretty tour is going to be one of the best of the year and honestly, you’d be crazy to miss it. How could you miss a chance to see two ladies who are literally the future of music?!

The only thing left to say now, is “COLLAB, COLLAB, COLLAB.” Get your tickets at and let us know if you’re going to a show!

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