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Transformation Tuesday: Kira Kosarin


Transformation Tuesday: Kira Kosarin

You can’t miss these adorable pics of baby Kira!

Kira Kosarin kicks so much butt on The Thundermans that sometimes it’s hard to imagine she was ever just a little girl! But luckily for us, Kira has shared some epic throwback pics! 

Check out Kira as a little kid in this Santa hat: 

And when she and her mom wore matching dresses:

We even found this awesome music video from 2011 that Kira starred in:

Now Kira is kicking butt on Nickelodeon:

Check out some of her major glow up moments:

Now she’s even recording her own original music!

Are you excited to hear the music Kira has been working on? Let us know on Twitter @YSBnow!

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