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#TransformationTuesday: Big Time Rush Holiday Edition!


#TransformationTuesday: Big Time Rush Holiday Edition!

Does anyone love the holidays more than Carlos, James, Logan & Kendall?

Remember when Big Time Rush would have the best holiday specials ever?!


Since we won’t get one this year, let’s take a stroll down memory line and go way back – to the guys’ first TV interview ever!

Such QTs, all of ’em! And their personalities made them even cuter:

Over the past seven years, they’ve all grown up so much. Let’s start with Kendall. When the show premiered, he was only 19:

In 2014, he blessed us with this holiday bop, “Blame it on the Mistletoe.”

And this February, you can catch him on tour with his duo, Heffron Drive, *if* you live in France. If you live in the US like us, you’ll just stare at this pic with “Happy Mistakes” on a loop:

When Florida native Carlos Pena got cut from the MTV series “Making Menudo,” he didn’t give up. And shortly thereafter, he booked the BTR role that would change his life:

If you need any help getting into the holiday spirit, Carlos is here for you:

This week, Santa came early and blessed Carlos and his wife, Alexa, with a beautiful baby boy!

When BTR premiered, James Maslow was pretty much #HairGoals:

Here, he and the guys share their best holiday memories:

Now, James is gearing up to launch new music and (wait for it) A TOUR!

Logan Henderson was 20 when BTR premiered on Nick:

He’s in NYC right now and had to visit the iconic tree in Rockefeller Center!

And it looks like we’ll finally be getting to hear some solo tracks from the Texas native in the new year:

Ah, Big Time Rush. You’ll always have a big time place in our hearts, especially around the holidays. All we want for Christmas is a BTR reunion!

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